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Hong Kong, where Innovations are Translated into Values

InnoHK is a major initiative by the Hong Kong SAR Government to transform the city into a global innovation powerhouse. In collaboration with leading institutions locally and globally, research discoveries will be turned into tangible benefits for all.

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Global collaboration begins in Asia’s world city


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Platform and Data Support

Rich datasets inform meaningful research. HKSTP’s STP Platform provides data-centric environments to drive sustained business growth, through:

  • Co-creation and data collaboration with quality data and algorithms
  • Centralised API hub enabling faster and more effective data search
  • Secure data repository for data deposition, exploration and exchange
  • Simulations and applications accelerating real-life deployment of data-driven solutions

Labs and Production Facilities

Time to market matters, especially for cutting-edge ideas to make a difference. The robust R&D infrastructure provided by HKSTP includes:

  • Biomedical Technology Support Centre, Biobank, Drug Safety Testing Center, Sensor Lab and Medical Device Testing Lab
  • ATP GMP facility, in collaboration with HKU and CUHK
  • Idea-to-product prototyping and development facilities
  • Small-scale production facilities 
  • GMP production facilities or sites at INNOPARKS

InnoHK is a holistic R&D Hub

Turning innovation into impact takes a whole ecosystem of supports, from like-minded collaborators to state-of-the-art flexible workspaces, R&D facilities and laboratories. InnoHK leverages the strength of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)—a full-service value chain focused on moving R&D into commercialisation—to incubate start-ups and help them tap into lucrative local and regional markets.


R&D Centres

InnoHK’s first two research clusters centre on fields that have generated strong interest within the global innovation and investor communities: healthcare and artificial intelligence and robotics (AIR).



Health@InnoHK has the goal of becoming a holistic research hub on human health.



AIR@InnoHK explores transformative AI technologies that create smarter cities and shape future industry.


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